Ways to Acheive Goals

Our values are closely linked to our goals. Our policy outlines the ways we aim to achieve our goals:

Ways to achieve Individuality and Uniqueness:

  • Provide an environment that values the importance of individual expression and difference.
  • Provide staff people who are sensitive to and respectful of an individual’s likes and dislikes.
  • Provide staff people who are willing to share new experiences with individuals, thus helping them develop new or existing interests.
  • Provide staff people who recognize and respect that individuals are adults living in their own homes, and treat the individuals accordingly.

Ways to achieve Personal Growth:

  • Ensure responsible and caring practices are in place in members’ homes which encourage growth and development in all areas of the member’s life.  We will encourage people to do things for themselves.
  • Everyone learns better by doing things with people they know care about them rather than complying merely to avoid “getting into trouble.”  Learning a new skill through a system of punishment and reward is ineffective and wrong.
  • Provide patient and understanding staff who can guide a member through the learning process in as safe and caring an environment as possible. Staff must be willing, without judging, to allow our members opportunities to make mistakes and learn from experience.
  • Provide staff people who know that the relationship they are building with a member should never be compromised in the quest for learning a new skill. A person’s self-esteem is more important than skill development.
  • Regular planning, be it formal or informal, will be conducted with every member of L’Avenir Cooperative so that our members, with the assistance of any support people they choose, can identify goals and dreams for the coming year.

Ways to achieve Respect and Dignity:

  • Understanding that our members have a right to privacy and no one should enter a member’s private space without permission.
  • Provide staff who will consult with members prior to making decisions that will impact the life of the member.  Each person deserves to be heard on any and all decisions that affect their home and their life.
  • Members will be expected to share, to their maximum ability, in the responsibilities of running a household.
  • Members have a right to say “no” and be heard.
  • Staff will behave as though they are guests in the member’s home.  This means knocking on the door prior to entering, asking permission to use the phone, look in the fridge, etc.
  • Staff will include members in regular conversation, rather than talking amongst themselves only. Staff will be encouraged to not talk “about” members to other staff, but to include the member in information sharing that goes on in front of them. Staff will respect the relationship between members and different staff, and refrain from discussing the performance of other staff with the member.
  • Staff will respect the confidentiality of personal information gained through the job about individuals and their families.

Ways to achieve Health and Safety:

  • Provide staff who have a satisfactory Criminal Record check and who have been certified in Emergency First Aid procedures.
  • Ensure that the home meets safety standards outlined through Residential Care Licensing.
  • Provide staff who carry with them the values of L’Avenir Cooperative and are able to engage with members in a kind, respectful and dignified manner.
  • Ensure that staff are trained in emergency procedures and reporting requirements.
  • Ensure that staff are trained in the proper storage, handling and administration of medication.
  • Ensure that members receive prompt and appropriate medical attention.
  • Ensure that staff encourage members to prepare and consume healthy meals and snacks, meeting the standards set forth in Canada’s Food Guide.
  • Provide individuals with opportunities to engage in social and recreational activities in their neighborhood and community. The rights and interests of people are more likely to be safeguarded when they are in the midst of valued citizens who know and care about them.

Ways to achieve Living in your Own Home:

  • Support members based on individual needs and dreams.
  • Hire support staff who are respectful of personal property and belongings.
  • Wherever possible have members assist in selecting furnishings and belongings that are attractive, comfortable and congruent with their personal taste.
  • Focus attention on common courtesies, compromise, mutual respect and relationship, rather than on rules and regulations.
  • Ensure that support staff’s behavior, tone of voice, outlook and attitude contribute to a stable and relaxed living environment.
  • Ensure that staff help the member create and provide a welcoming environment for visitors- friends, neighbors and family, etc.

Ways to achieve Interdependence:

  • Provide staff who understand and embrace interdependent relationships.  Real investment and involvement with members at a personal level is the most powerful way to change the life experience of our members from one of social rejection to one of welcome.
  • The principles of cooperation and mutual support lie at the heart of a cooperative community. Support staff will encourage and facilitate our members to use natural support systems and freely chosen relationships.
  • Support staff will facilitate and encourage community presence and participation by our members in the communities of their choosing.
  • Support staff will bear in mind that doing things together, be it with support staff, families and friends etc. is often more fulfilling and enjoyable than doing things alone. This includes recreational activities as well as activities of daily living such as household chores.